Tuesday, January 16, 2018

How We Can Apply Memory Athlete,Yanjaa's Tips in Life

There was a night, after having dinner, the family sat down, glued to the TV screen and watched "The Brain China" game show. It's a scientific reality show to find the world's people with amazing mental skill.

Start to come across Yanjaa (Gold Medal at the World Memory Championships)
Photograph: Yanjaa Wintersoul / Personal / yanjaa.com
That's a great show because it makes me pause, reflect and think, "Our brain is bigger than what we think of."  Oh, and on that night, there was a bubbly girl named Yanjaa on the episode. She could remember the details of the faces in short time. To me, each picture seemed the same, "no difference".

I googled her name and found her blog here. She shared her journey on her life, and tips for improving memory.

Start to remember the aunt with good memory
That moment, I remember one aunt who sells Wan Tan Mee (Wonton noodles), Mee, Kuey Teow, Mee Hoon and etc near our housing area. Without paper, pen nor book, whenever a customer approached her for order, she could remember everything.

Imagine her hand is moving, her eyes are focusing on the cooking and the customers come endlessly and all sit at different tables: She just remember too much. Last week, while buying Wan Tan Mee, I asked her and *It's weird that I never ask her anything but my order before this, so I just want to ask her*

"How could you remember everything without paper?", I was curious.
"Do you think it's good? I think that too. I just can remember, and must remember. But some says it's old fashion.", she smiled and replied.
"Do you think so?", I asked her.
"The most important is that it's very useful to me, and save time, and can have many customers. No need paper, book", she replied happily.

How I use Yajaa's Tips in Life
Here's the steps to boost our memory, according to her, featured here. I used it in my life. Here what I notice:

1. Go on a "memory journey"
According to Yanjaa, it's the imaginary location in our mind that we can keep any image.

Example: Doing reflection at the end of the day is important to check what have I done, and how to improve from the day's activity. So I will draw a room or a place with sequence, state the important points and how to improve.

When I flip the book, at least, I understand what I draw and get to remember the events. (still in the baby step)

2. Make associations with things that you already know
It's easy to connect the things with what we know to imagine them in our mind.

Example: It's always a headache to park at the car park because I couldn't remember where I park. When I see some walking, looking around, I know they are searching for their cars: I'm one of them too.

So, when I park at L section, I remember "L=lion" and it's right on my car roof. Even after 10 hours, I still able to remember and found my car. *Phew*

In conclusion, as long as we believe we can do it, we definitely can do it.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Hola 2018!

¿Cómo estás?

It's the 1st day of 2018. It's another ordinary day. It's a brand new year!
This is a good day to reflect 2017's journey: The sweet, sour and surprise year.

I would describe 2017 as "Change", the 4 stages of Change
1) Denial, Shock
2) Anger, Fear
3) Acceptance
4) Commitment

It was like a rollercoaster that went to the peak at the 2nd ad 3rd quarter of the year. Everything getting better when it reached the 4th quarter.

During the period, it is ok to have variety of emotions as Change's 1st stage.
In the end, I learn to accept and commit better. Experience makes us stronger.

How's 2018 going to look like?
I've set 12 goals and commit to do it consistently.

Let's enjoy 2018, people!

Monday, December 25, 2017

It was Fatin Shaj's Wedding!

We (ex classmates from SMK Malim) stood happily next to the bride and groom :)
It was our ex-classmate's wedding last Saturday!
She was one of the popular person in the class when we were in Form 5.

It has been 10 years since I met her. 
How could I describe her?
"Intelligent, Funny, Outspoken, Humble, Shine, Helpful, Hardworking & Friendly"

Although the classmates used to address her as Betty from Colombia's telenovela called "Yo soy Betty, la Fea" because she wore braces and a pair of big glasses, she was never a shy person. On the contrary, she was that full-of-confidence-and-bubbly "Betty".

The similarity between them: Both are pretty and have good heart.

We are honored to attend her wedding and meet up with ex-classmates again.

It's how amazing that 10 years ago, our topics were 
"Study, what's going to be covered for the final exam, anyone absent today, when to submit the schoolwork and etc"

10 years later, we talked about 
"Where're you staying now, how did you know your significant other, how's your life now, when is the next reunion again"

It's so important to treasure the lifetime friendship.

The buddies :)

Fatin wrote this when we were in Form5.
It's a good reflection on how we behave in the class last time.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

When a 2-year-old Overcame the Scare Tactics

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

I read a book called “Critical Thinking” by Moore/Parker recently.

It’s an interesting book that explains so much about the guideline for making the wise decision about what to think and do. We need to know what is right based on our critical thinking.

What caught my attention is “Scare Tactics”.
I realize that we may use it in our daily life but I didn’t know this is called “Scare Tactics”.

What’s Scare Tactics?
That’s the tactics that fear people into doing something. When we’re afraid, possibly, we will not think clearly. It produces scary picture in front of the people.

As the book stated “Fear of thing X will affect the evaluation of an unrelated thing Y”. Fortunately, the book also shares on how we could stop ourselves from the falling into the tactics by thinking clearly on what makes us “scare” in the first place.

When we’re able to identify the fear, we’re going to say “Hey X/Fear, you’re not going to transform into my way to evaluating Y.”

After reading the book, I recall we love doing this on El Nino D when he was young.
3 years ago when he was 2 years old, his grandpa loved carrying him and go to the back lane to talk with the neighbor in the evening. El Nino D became “passionate” and wanted his grandpa to do that at night.

We had no choice but to say, “Listen, El Nino D, the sky is so dark now. If you want to go out, you wouldn’t see anything at all and grandpa’s going to fall when he hits on object.”

He couldn’t speak, so he used his right hand to point at the switch to prove that nothing is impossible. He identify X=dark, so he translated X into fixing the issue by turning on the light.

As long as we get to identify X in the first place, it helps us to make wise decision on Y.
Do you have an interesting experience with Scare Tactics? How did you overcome them?

Sunday, November 19, 2017

What We Can Learn from Children's Annual Concert & Graduation

El Nino D's kindergarten hold the annual concert & graduation last Saturday.
It was the 2nd time he participated in the concert. (It will be his 3rd and final year next year:) )

Last year, when we handed him over his teacher at the backstage, imagine that he stood at the corner, biting his thumb, look straight to the wall, and nobody else. In reality, the room was filled with the noise of the children. In his mind, it was all about "running away but I have to be brave" because he was not familiar with the new place.

We trusted the teachers and knew he was going to be alright. "What if he did not want to dance on the stage" was not in our mind. Teachers put lots of effort to motivate the students to prepare for this big day.

We waited and waited. In the end, he went along with his friend, poured his effort and passion to dance happily. 

This year, he did not want to go to the changing room first, until he saw his class teacher. Then he followed her and picked his rhythm on the process gradually.

I am thankful to attend the children's annual concert and graduation because the children teach me to be brave to present ourselves before the audience.

At home, El Nino D always practiced the dance (Bollywood, Chinese, Malay, English). He was not afraid to express his passion and dance in front of anyone of us. When my cousins/brother turned on the song, he danced based on his teacher's instruction. When we paused the song, he also "pause" and never get angry. Then he continued the step again.

During the concert, the children aren't afraid to dance before the audience. They will scan through the hall, identified their family's location and put the big smile to wave them Hello.

The families are more like their fans: whenever the kids went to the stage, we shouted at their name to give them moral support.

This concern shows that when you enjoy the dance, the stage, you will love the performance.