Saturday, July 15, 2017

Music & Toastmasters Have These 3 Things in Common: P.E.T

When I moved back to my hometown, my dad asked, “Jocelyn, do you want take piano lessons?” Music has been my friend since then.

When I was in university, my sister brought me to the Toastmasters club meeting and I joined as the member.

Music and Toastmasters have these 3 things in common: P.E.T

1.       Practice Makes Better

Practice makes better. The consistency leads us to plan the direction and master the foundation to be able to accomplish the goal.

In order to produce a good music, we need to practice the song and take into the account of the pitch and the speed’s rate so that it fulfills the song’s requirement.

To give a good presentation, as a Toastmaster, we draft the speech, get feedback from the mentor and practice until it feels natural when presenting.

2.       Escape the Comfort Zone

We form our habit and get comfortable with it. When we escape the comfort zone, we get to seek the new experience discovering the new talent. It creates new adventure to our life.

That same goes for music. In piano examination, there’s a session call Sight Reading. We will spend half a minute to scan through the piece of music that has yet to be seen before starting to perform the music. This will help us to think and plan on how to produce the good music in half a minute.

In Toastmasters, there’s a session call Table Topics Session. Table Topics Master will prepare a list of questions that has yet to be seen too. We will then volunteer ourselves, and spend half a minute to analyze the questions before starting to present for 3 minutes. This also helps us to think creatively on how to present the topic.

3.       Teamwork

As Phil Jackson once said, “The strength of the team is each individual member…the strength of each member is the team.” Teamwork does make the dream works.

Music teaches us the value of teamwork. My music teacher guided us to prepare for a music competition in high school. Each of us in the music class played a variety of instruments and they mix together to produce the song.

In Toastmaster, everyone helps everyone for personal transformation. We take turn to give speeches, provide constructive feedback and build good relationship as a team.

In conclusion, Music and Toastmasters share the same benefits that enhance a person’s life.

Practice makes better because we get to master the foundation of the topic. With a solid foundation, we get to escape the comfort zone and think creatively. Lastly, teamwork always makes the dream works.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Why "Despacito"?

I first came across "Despacito" last month when I was driving back from work.

I kept asking myself, "Am I really listening to a Spanish song on the radio"?Am I?"

I asked myself many times because apart from listening to Spanish songs on the radio during my Spanish class in university and on YouTube, I've never heard of Spanish songs for such a long time on the radio!

Coincidentally, I read the news on how people go gaga over Despacito. That's the history on how I realize that song on the radio.... was Despacito, mi amigos (Spanish: My friends).
It was nice. 

Why Despacito?

1. Improve Spanish skill again
I will be the 1st one to admit that I am thankful to be able to take up Spanish class in university.

Mi profesora (Spanish: My teacher) is a fun and responsible person. She loves to bailar y cantar (Spanish: Dance and Sing).

Last year, I met a Spanish friend who just left Malaysia last month. 
Mi Amigo (Spanish: My friend) did teach me lots of words. He was very patient and repeat in English and Spanish when I couldn't understand what he said. 

2. Be Happy
The music is happy mode where you feel happy , as if it's always Sunny day.
This is a good song to listen to when doing exercise at home and most importantly, you can say adious to stress when listening to Despacito.

Muchas Gracias to all the musicians for composing such a beautiful cancion (Spanish: song) and spread it to the world :)

Saturday, June 24, 2017

2 Tips to Shop Like My Mum

This morning, I accompanied my mum to the town, a street that seemed familiar.

"Familiar? That's because your aunt and I always brought all of you [my cousins and I] here to buy school bags, uniforms and shirts" said my mum. 

Our objective was to return the Baju Kurung (traditional Malay costume) because my relative, J couldn't fit into the Baju Kurung for tomorrow's event.

In 2 hours, I learned 2 tips from my mum which are:

1. Return the Item with an Exchange Option
Mum bought that Baju Kurung 2 weeks ago for J. It turned out that J couldn't fit into the Baju Kurung.

Mum and I went there, thought that we could get the other type of Baju Kurung with larger size. But the boss said that, "That's the largest size for ALL type of Baju Kurung."

Mum never gave up, and asked the boss, "I could exchange this with other options with same range of price right?". She said yes.

So we returned the clothes and exchanged with few pants and the total price equals the Baju Kurung's price.

2. Think of the External Factors before We Buy 
Since we couldn't buy the ideal Baju Kurung from Point#1, so we went to a nearby hypermarket, knowing that we would get the clothes since this is Hari Raya's season! :)

I found few of them, and was so excited. So I asked my mum to come over and said,
"Look, this is the color, it's nice!"

Then she said, "Think of the material: is it hot? Is it heavy when walking for many hours? Is it too tight and uncomfortable when sitting with the small size?"

Luckily, after we searched for few shops, we found the shop with, "The right size, the right color, the right material and the right price"

Never walk away before putting the effort to look for the alternative options and think of external factors :)


Thursday, June 22, 2017

Never Give Up on Her Passion

Incoming call...
Whose number is this? 

My fingers touched the "call" button to answer. It was 1 of my ex-colleagues, Jane.

We talked and talked.

Then, we talked about her daughter who is pursuing her art course in a college in Kuala Lumpur.

Jane's daughter, Jane Junior is a talented person. Even when I knew her 5 years ago, she always had her sketch book with her. She would draw anything after school, and she is real good in that. I couldn't event draw anything without a reference.

5 years later, she insisted that she wanted to major in art. Jane was reluctant at first but since her daughter's passion is art, she let her daughter make her own decision. Such a brave daughter who chases her dream.

"She won the first prize for some of the art competition and receive the scholarship", said her mum.

"She receives your art's gene.", I replied because her mum is a very responsible and talented person in art.

Today, Jane Junior taught me that when you place your passion in your life, everything is possible.

Thank you Jane for your call today.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Kids' Time: Finish A, Do B...Finish 50%A, Do C

It's always a challenge to influence, convince little D to focus on his schoolwork.

My mum had a plan, told him,
"D, please finish your cookies now.
Then, go and read your story book to improve your vocabulary"

We were excited with the plan, thought little D would listen to us, without any excuses.

Then, he absorbed what he understood, and translated the meaning into his kids' analysis process.
He replied
"I'm going to finish half of the cookies (which is 50% of the 100%), I would go to the room for play time"

Here's the scenario:
Row 1: Mum and my ideal plan to convince little D to do his school work
Row 2: Little D's actual action based on what he understood on "Finish/ Finish Half" that leads to different output.